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Scientist of Chenshan Botanical Garden Participated in the Cassava Project Acceptance Meeting of National Basic Research Program (973)


The project acceptance meeting of the 973 Program “Basic Research for Genetic Improvement of Cassava” was successfully held at Baohua Hotel, Haikou, on September 13, 2014. Project leaders as well as key team members from eight collaborating institutions participated in the event. Prof. Peng Zhang from Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai(CBCS), the leader of Project No.5, attended the meeting and presented its progress.

The program team completed genome sequencing of one wild ancestor species and one cultivar of cassava and discovered specific genes between them. By comparing their genome and transcriptome, the evolutionary nature of high photosynthetic efficiency, efficient transport and starch accumulation of photo-assimilates in cassava has been revealed. The study was recently published online in Nature Communication. Novel cassava germplasms having waxy or high-amylose properties as well as delayed post-harvest physiological deterioration had also been developed. Two new cultivars were also released to farmers and industries for cultivation.

Academicians Zuoyan Zhu and Rongxiang Fang, the Consultant Committee Members of 973 Program, as well as Academician Zixin Deng from Wuhan University and other experts from various institutes and universities participated in the inspection. (Sep 14, 2014 )

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