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Professor of UCSB visited Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai


On Ocotober 14, Professor Susan J. Mazer from University of California Santa Barbara(UCSB) visited Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai(CBGS) and developing academic exchanges with researchers in CBGS, Susan gave a report entitledThe evolution of mating system, life history, floral traits, and physiological performance in annual Clarkia species (Onagraceae): the potential role of genetic correlations


By introducing the evolutionary traits of Clarkia species (Onagraceae) in breeding system, life history and physiological feature,analyses the role of  regulation in genetic related characters correlation to morphological characters. After the report, Dr HU Yong-hong, theDirector of Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai, Professor MA Jin-shuang, the deputy director of the research center of CBGS had a short meeting with Susan, their meeting exchanged views on possible international cooperation in scientific research project and plant species exchanging between UCSB and CBGS.

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