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Chenshan Botanist found ‘extinct’ ferns in Hainan Province

Following the last found of the ‘extinct’ fern Pyrrosia longifolia at the end of 2012, botanist from Shanghai Chenshan Plant Science Research Center found another species,  Parathelypteris subimmersa, which was likely extinct  and  found again in Hainan in recent.
According to the documents record, the species Parathelypteris subimmersa, is the largest and most strange one in morphological character of the genus Parathelypteris, and its classification status has been in controversy for a long time. British taxonomist R.E. Holtum merged the species into genus Amphineuron in the year 1977 and 1981,while in the flora of China, the species was classified in the genus Parathelypteris, and described it has similarities with the genus Amphineuron in Malaysia. The species was firstly published on the Bulletin of Fan Memorial Institute of Biology in 1936 by the father of Chinese Pteridophytes QIN Renchang, its holotype specimen was collected by Taxonomist LIU Xinqi on March 26th, 1933 in Changjiang, Hainan Province. Since the last 80 years, there has not other new collection and report about this species as a result some scholars believed that this species could become extinct in China.
Only recently in June 2012, botanist from Shanghai Chenshan Plant Science Research Center of the research group for fern diversity and conservation found this species during their field research in Changjiang Hainan Province. The team members found this unusual specimen and took pictures in heavy rain, and identified it as Parathelypteris subimmersa. The research field work in Changjiang Hainan Province was assisted by Bawangling national nature reserve in Hainan Province.
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