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THE first Horticultural monograph of CBGS was published

Wetland Irises: Its appreciation, cultivation and application, written by lead author Dr. HU Yonghong and Dr. XIAO Yue’e  of CBGS  has been published recently by the Science Press. This is a first monograph on horticultural since CBGS was built, it is also an academic monograph in the field of Ornamental horticulture and Garden flowers’ study. The monograph was especially based on the practical knowledge of CBGS’s introduction and cultivation and research work on irises in the area of Shanghai in recent years, combined with the latest research progress abroad.  The monograph involves adapted wet irises groups in the water area in Shanghai and consists of seven chapters.
Starting from its biology characters, irises contexts, cultivation history and the research progress, on the basis of revive taxonomic history of Iris, the monograph combing the genus’  botanic and horticulture classification system with many scientific literature, and putting forward many pertinent advise on the domestic classification system. It also briefly introduced the domestic iris resources; Systematically introduced the major horticultural taxa, and laid special stress on appreciating the three wetland irises, Siberian iris, Japanese irises and Louisiana irises with more than  three hundred cases;  Meanwhile, the monograph introduced  the cultivation and genetic breeding techniques of wetland  iris groups, exploring the  application to different landscape afforestation  of irises in gardens, waterscape, rock garden, and ground cover.
From its origins, the monograph captures novel content and rich literatures, with stunning photographed images, has made it a prior reference book inspiring people through scientific research, gardening, horticulture, flower cultivating and operating management.

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