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Chenshan research center is made up of four main platforms including plant anatomy and microscopy platform, plant tissue culture and gene transformation platform, plant chemistry analysis platform, and environmental chemistry analysis platform. Besides, it is also equipped with world class information system in order to facilitate various research works. All of experimental apparatus and biochemical reagents are supplied and administered by specialized panels, which guarantee normal running of the lab. Until the end of 2010, Chenshan research center has 220 cutting edge equipment, and more than 200 reagents and other items. Meanwhile, it still keeps developing with continuous improvement.

Plant Anatomy and Microscopy Platform
This platform provides laboratory facilities for the plant Taxonomy and Evolution study based on plant morphology and anatomy, embryo, pollen morphology and flower morphogenesis.

Plant Tissue Culture and Gene Transformation Platform
This platform contains a perfect tissue culture system, which supplies a solid technical support for the in vitro culture and propagation of medicinal plants, energy plants and endangered plants. On the other hand, plant gene transformation platform solidates the development of the breeding and cultivation of economic plant species.

Plant Chemistry Analysis Platform
This platform possesses basic analysis and detection equipment including Gas Chromatography (GC), Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS), HPLC, etc, which guarantees the precise analysis for active ingredients in resource plant and medicinal plant.

Environmental Chemistry Analysis Platform
This platform serves as a foundation for the study of environmental science and environmental protection. Owning Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, UV - visible Spectrophotometer, the platform makes it possible for detecting and analyzing the environmental factors that affecting the organisms. Currently, there are two staff members on this platform.

Wei Yukun Ph.D.
(Senior Engineer,Head of the Laboratory )
Tel: 021-37792288-913

Shen Wen (Administrator for reagents and supplies)
Tel: 021-37792288-930

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