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The library is located in Chen plant science research center two floor, its predecessor was the Chenshan Botanical Garden Construction Stage of the reading room, covers an area of 800 square meters, holds 150 seats, the museum is divided into two layers, respectively for the library and reading room, connect to each other. The books to professional books and all kinds of books, each subject area, involves a wide range of plant science mainly include: plant taxonomy, plant ecology, plant physiology, plant resources, plant biotechnology and landscape gardening and other disciplines, and collect the related and cross disciplines such as agriculture, forestry, soil, biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacy etc. Book classification using categorization according the Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences has finished more than 14000 books’ classification. The depth of cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Information Center for life sciences field information in Botany, plant garden of Shanghai Chenshan (Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Science Research Center) library to build a "Life Science Library of Chenshan Botanical museum".

On the construction of literature resources, positively used outside the park resources, development of literature information resource channels, on the one hand, since the purchase of a variety of ways, such as the Jstor database, CABI database, a comprehensive literature safeguard ability to obtain resources, provide electronic document delivery, interlibrary loan, for the majority of users database using the training and other services, effective protection scientific research personnel information needs.

The basic hardware facilities in place, the electronic reading room equipped with 3 computer units, for the workers, graduate students access to electronic resources, downloads, and equipped with a scanner and printer and copy machine 1 sets, do backup services work.

Study Group: 1) Shanghai Chenshan Botanical science research center of Chinese Academy of sciences knowledge integration platform capability construction of sustainable development; 2) of Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Research Center of virtual library information system.

Since its establishment, we have received a lot of donated books at home and abroad, thanks for all the help. We are still in the initial stage at present, sincerely welcome the colleagues at home and abroad to visit and give guidance and help.

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 8:30-16:30 (except legal holidays)

Staff members including:

Xia Bo (M.S., Librarian)
Tel: 021-37792288-931

Zhu Hongwei (B.A., Librarian)
Tel: 021-37792288-931



Zhang Jie (Bachelor, Assistant Librarian)
Tel: 021-37792288-931 in
ZHANG Qingfei, (Ph.d, Journal editor)
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