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Our target is to set up a Botanic information center in the coming years, with the development of network and bioinformatics to collect and arrange research data in the scientific research on plant conservation and systematic study, to develop this information center as the base of the national or regional information center on Botany within China even Asia; and furthermore, to conserve and provide scientific data and to convey online for users in scientific field. And also, as a digital platform with its open source and friendly interface, the center will play an important role in providing the public education in Science.

The previous work contains establishing public information service platform, edited and published inside publish, web, collected, analyzed, convey information about government policy information, provide industry information; maintaining of network operations and security, computer network defense, hardware constructions and online manpower management for the whole garden and especially for the research center.

Staff includes:
CHEN Jianping, M.S., System Analyst, Chief Information Officer

SHEN Yanqi, Network supervisor

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