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The Department of Facilities and Services from the Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai (Shanghai Chenshan Plant Science Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences), which was established in 2012 March, contains extensive range of instruments and services that can be used for a wide variety of research purposes. It is staffed by specialists experienced in the management, preparation and service of Network supporting system for the garden, Library and Literature service; Laboratories and Reagents; Equipments and Tools. Specialist staffs in this department are doing the routine work of tooling and equipment maintenance, to arrange manpower, experimental facilities and laboratory spaces, to coordinate the project material and consumables tools, to do reader service work and related arrangement to support the scientific research work within the CBGS. Currently, there are 9 employees in each section within the department. The head of the department is Dr. SHAO Qing, contact information is:

SHAO Qing, Ph.d, Head of the Dep.


LU Haifeng, Assistant

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