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Research Interests

Our research spans a wide range of topics in plant systematics and evolution. Our research goal is to test systematic and evolutionary hypotheses in a phylogenetic context. We use DNA sequences to generate hypotheses of phylogenetic relationship for inferring morphological character evolution, analyzing patterns of biogeography, and revising classification. Researchers in my lab have mainly studied the systematics and diversification of the following angiosperm families: Fagaceae, Poaceae and Loranthaceae. Secondary research interests include the population genetics of rare and endangered species, phylogeny of tree communities and the phylogenotraphy of Southeast Asia.

Projects undertaken
1. Effects of natural hybridization on genetic diversity and adaptation of endangered oak---Quercus austrocochinchinensis (NSFC, 2013-2016)
2. Phylogeography of Quercus glauca Thunb., a dominant tree species of subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest in East Asia (NSFC 2012-2014).
3. Phylogeny of the Saccharum Complex (NSFC 2012-2014).
4. The Systematics & Conservation Biology of Fagaceae (Shanghai Municipal Administration of Afforestation & City Appearances 2011-2014).
5. The Application of East China Native Fagaceae species as urban landscape trees and shrubs (The National Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai 2012-2014).

Recent Publications

  1. Deng, M., Li, Q.S., Yang, S.T., Liu, Y.C., Xu, J. 2013. Comparative morphology of leaf epidermis in the genus Lithocarpus and its implication in leaf epidermal feature evolution in Fagaceae. Plant Systematics & Evolution. 299: 659-681.
  2. Deng, M., Coombes, A. & Li, Q.S. 2011. Lectotypification of Quercus arbutifolia Hickel & A. Camus and taxonomy revision of related species (Fagaceae). Nordic Journal of Botany. 28: 1-7.
  3. Deng, M., Chen, J.J., Henny, R.J. & Li, Q.S. 2010. Genetic relationships of Codiaeum variegatum cultivars analyzed by amplified fragment length polymorphism markers. HortScience. 45(6): 868-874.
  4. Deng, M., Chen, J.J., Henny, R.J. & Li, Q.S. 2010. Chromosome number and karyotype variation in Codiaeum variegatum cultivars. HortScience. 45(4): 538-540.
  5. Deng, M., Chen, J.J., Henny, R., Fang, J. & Chao, C.T. 2008. AFLP, flow cytometry, and leaf anatomical analysis of cultivated Fittonia. Hortscience. 43(4): 1195-1196.
  6. Deng, M., Zhou, Z.K., Chen, Y.Q. & Sun, W.B. 2008. Systematic significance of the development and anatomy of flowers and fruit of Quercus schottkyana (subgenus Cyclobalanopsis: Fagaceae). International Journal of Plant Sciences. 169(9): 1261-1277.
  7. Deng, M., Zhou, Z.K. & Coombes, A. 2010. Lectotypification and New Synonymy in Quercus subgenus Cyclobalanopsis (Fagaceae). Novon. 20(4): 400-405.
  8. Yang, S.T., Chen, C. Zhao ,Y.P., Xi, W., Zhou, X Chen, B.L. & Fu, C.X. 2011. Association between chemical and genetic variation of wild and cultivated populations of Scrophularia ningpoensis Hemsl. Planta Med. 77(8): 865-871.
  9. Yang, S.T., Li, J.H., Zhao, Y.P., Chen, B.L. & Fu, C.X. 2011. Harpagoside variation is positively correlated with temperature in Scrophularia ningpoensis Hemsl. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 59(5): 1612-1621.
  10. Liu, Y.C., Dao, Z.L., Yang, C.Y., Liu, Y.T. & Long, C.L. 2009. Medicinal plants used by Tibetans in Shangri-La, Yunnan, China. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine. 5:15.
  11. Liu, Y.C. & Peng, H. 2009. Mastixia mirocarpa (Mastixiaceae), a new species from Mt Yulong Yunnan, SW China. Annales Botanici Fennici. 46(6): 566-568.
  12. Liu, Y.C. & Peng, H. 2010. Miscanthus subgen. Rubimons subgen. nov. (Poaceae) and Miscanthus villosus sp. nov. from southwest Yunnan, China. Nordic Journal of Botany. 28: 1-3.

Team Members

Principal Investigator (PI)
DENG Min, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Phone: +86-021-37792288 ext. 902
Lab: +86-021-37792288 ext. 512
Address:Shanghai Chenshan Plant Science Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden
3888 Chenhua Road, Songjiang, Shanghai, 201602, China

Full-time Research Members

YANG Shuting (Ph.D)
Research Associate
speciality: Plant chemistry and plant physiology
Tel: 021-37792288 ext. 925

XU Jin (ph.D)
Research Associate
speciality: Molecular phylogeny and population genetics
Tel: 021-37792288 ext. 925

SONG Yigang (Master)
Research Assistant
Speciality: seed physiology, plant anatomy
Tel: 021-37792288 ext. 925

Li Quanjian (Master)
Lab Technician
Speciality: Molecular biology and plant tissue culture
Tel: 021-37792288 ext. 920

LIU Yanchun (Ph.D)
Research Associate
Speciality: grass taxonomy, plant nomenclature, plant anatomy
Tel: 021-37792288 ext. 925



Graduated Students

Master Student

XIONG Yanshi
Master student

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