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Research Group of Medicinal Plants and Second Metabolism

Our research focus on plant secondary metabolism and medicinal plants, which including: biosynthesis and regulation of plant terpenoids, exploitation and utilization of relevant active ingredients; distribution and species diversity of medicinal plants, as well as their phylogenesis.

Director: CHEN Xiaoya

Research group of Plant Taxonomy

Mainly in the Spermatophyte Taxonomy of China, or even the Eastern Asian:
1. The Taxonomic Literature of Eastern Asian Higher Plants; 2. Alien Invasive Plant of China; 3. Shanghai Metroflora; 4. Plant Systematics and Evolution of Euonymus Linnaeus; 5. Taxonomic Revision of Euphorbia Linnaeus in Eastern and Southern Asia; 6. Natural History of Metasequoia Hu & W. C. Cheng; 7. Taxonomic Revision of Aristolochia Linnaeus in Eastern and Southern Asia; 8. History of Plant Taxonomy in China; etc.

Director: MA Jinshuang

Research Group of Conservation Biology

Research Interests:
1) endangered mechanism of rare and endangered plants and conservation strategy;
2) plant diversity and ex-situ conservation;
3) plant phylogeography and plant DNA barcode.

Director: HU Yonghong

Research Group of Biotechnology for Bioenergy Plants
Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) and sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) are characterized by high yielding, tolerance to stresses and high starch content, playing an important role in bioenergy development and national food supplies. Research projects on cassava and sweet potato will solve their problems of cultivation and production, and facilitate the promotion of agricultural industrialization.

Director: ZHANG Peng
Research Group of Ornamental Plant Resources, Germplasm Innovation and Utilization
1. Classification and assessment of the ornamental plants
2. Ornamental plant breeding
3. Introduction and domestication, propagation, production and commercialization of ornamental plants
4. Biomolecular mechanism of some important phenomena in morphology and physiology

Director: TIAN Daike
Research Group for Fern Diversity and Conservation

1. The diversity inventory of ferns in China and adjacent areas.
2. Phylogenetic anatomy and taxonomy of ferns.
3. Conservation biogeography and ecology of ferns.
4. Conservation and utilization of fern resource.

Director: YAN Yuehong

Research Group of Plant Abiotic Stresses and Plant Genome Evolution

Our research focuses on studying signal transductions of plant abiotic stresses and the mechanisms of stresses tolerance in plant genome evolution. We are searching and using those poaceae plant resources which can survive in extreme environments like high salt, cold and drought etc. Yeast functional complementary assay is adapted to screen evolutionary conserved abiotic stress resistant genes from the poaceae plants. The genes abiotic resistant mechanism will be studied in new poaceae model brachypodium. Those genes with strong abiotic stress resistance will be applied to improve crops and turf grasses abiotic stresses tolerant ability through gene engineering.

Director: CHU Zhaoqing

Research Group of Plant Systematics & Evolutionary Biology

Our research spans a wide range of topics in plant systematics and evolution. Our research goal is to test systematic and evolutionary hypotheses in a phylogenetic context. We use DNA sequences to generate hypotheses of phylogenetic relationship for inferring morphological character evolution, analyzing patterns of biogeography, and revising classification. Researchers in my lab have mainly studied the systematics and diversification of the following angiosperm families: Fagaceae, Poaceae and Loranthaceae. Secondary research interests include the population genetics of rare and endangered species, phylogeny of tree communities and the phylogenotraphy of Southeast Asia.

Director: DENG Min

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